Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Prep

I spent the Sunday working on prep items eventually for the cookies and tart bases that I have made on Friday night. Since air-dry clay requires, *cough* air-drying -- I have to wait for one to two days of open air drying  before the creations are dry enough to be painted.

I didn't bother to paint the larger strawberries I made, those I will do over the week to make chocolate-dipped strawberries. Instead I painted the smaller ones that will go into the tartlettes. Those green things you see in the blurred background are .... slices of kiwi fruit! But I think I made them a tad too thick, they look odd after painting. *sigh*

Apart from strawberries, I made a mountain of blueberries. Not exactly mountain, but you get the idea :

The other tart decoration I have made are gold-flecked chocolate slices. Rolled out Grace Clay dries into a consistency like flexible plastic and it cuts quite easily too with a sharp art cutter.

 This slab of chocolate was dried out on a plastic sheet the night before. I use a stencil brush to dab gold acrylic over lightly.

Here's the result. Let the paint dry; usually it is quick and then you can start cutting into squares, circles, ovals, whatever pleases you.

As for the cookies that I have showed you in the other post on Wood Formo, I have painted them - these will dry overnight again so they reach maximum shrinkage, and then decorated.



nyann said...

oo - Chocolate sheets will tend to curl up as they dry, so once they have actually dried to an extent, sneak them under somewhere heavy so they won't totally curl up.

Snowfern said...

?? LOL thank you! very informative! i am going to try drying my future works on actual baking racks, i think it's 'ok' to have the grill marks, adds to the realism.

have you tried that and does it work you think? so far i kinda 'perch' it on top of my palette (so the base is kinda not touching anything) and flip it over every few hrs or so if i recall. the curling isn't so noticeable, but the sheets are approx 0.4cm donno if that's because it's thicker.

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