Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Present from Floree

Received my package from Floree today, courtesy of a commission seller. I'm still looking for a cheaper handler; this one's kind of expensive but its very reliable.

Was very pleased to find a tiny sachet attached to my items, and on it; labelled "Present"! I love free gifts *cackle*

It's fake coconut powder! It can't pass off as white chocolate shavings because of the white-ness of it. So I'll have to figure out some foods that uses coconut powder. I never knew Floree carried such products. Coconut is definitely not Japanese!


Snowfern said...

eh? it looks like...1:12 or 1:6 rice to me :O do you know what material it's made of? it looks like the rice bits i make before i stick 'em together into sushi and onigiri....

yea yea I <3 free stuff too LOL and you -know- i'm a cheapskate XD

nyann said...

Fellow cheapskate? XD

I *think* they are definitely 1:6. They look very visible to the eye.

I need to learn how to make rice next. Hahaha!

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