Thursday, March 7, 2013

About Decorina - How-Tos for Deco Sweets

Decorina, a sweets deco school based on Tokyo has set up a section in their website that pretty much tells in photographs and written explanations about how to make common deco sweets objects. Scale these down and you can get your 1:6, 1:12 items easily too. (The scaler I use is found in the links on the right side of this webpage - there are also hobby scalers on Andriod/iPhone apps if you are a phone-dependent, scale-blind person like I am)

The website doesn't come in English but if you use a translator like Google translator, you can easily make out what are the headings and somewhat, the explanations, albeit broken English.

Decorina will cover basics like how to use whipped cream, how to make and color cookies, macaroons etc. It's relatively easy to follow - of course - some people who are used to looking at fantastic work done by the more prominent and established deco artists like Kisen Rieka (, Yamada Kei (Milky Ribbon and Sekiguchi Mayu (Pastel Sweets may blink a few at the rather rough level of artistry shown in Decorina's tutorials. But, the emphasis is always the basics are important and by getting the foundation methods correct, you can modify, idealize, imagine and re-create your own with a few months' of focused practice.

For example : Macaroon Tutorial -
For example : A way to mix clay colors -

For a full lists of all the tutorials
(scroll down to click on the icons of the items you want to learn)

Have fun making your own deco sweets! :)