Saturday, January 9, 2010

Article on Ms Vickie Lee, owner of Craft It All

Since work has taken up the whole week and I have forgotten my mandate to at least blog something every day or every two days, I am trying to make up for it. (Looking at my list of what I have to write about - *coughh*)

I have always been an admirer of entrepreneurs and people who dare take the risk for their passion and do something right out of it. I mean I have tried to dabble into the world of entrepreneurship for, say eh, 8 years or more? But most of the projects never lasted too long well, maybe past a year or three years or so. I blame my poor attention level for it.

Plus, I hold a full-time job that chucks a partial amount of my salary into CPF. And the baseline being if you have that CPF, you can't be engaging yourself in any other self-employment such as owning a shop, owning a registered business or anything else. But you're fine with just hobbies.

But anyway - enough blabbering about my own situation. Remember the shop at Liang Court where I found the Hearty-Soft? The owner, Vickie Lee, actually had an article written about her in Jobs Recruited, so to share, go to this link - Crafting it Herself 

I have to thank her for bringing in all that clay from Japan, else I would never had gotten started. :)


アナベル said...

can you give me the link to the article? ;D cos Miss vickie lee was the someone whom taught me clay too. :D i had a 10 lesson course with her on sweets. (: so i would like to have the articlee. ^^

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