Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Guess what came in the mail

The porcelain dinnerware set I bidded for in ebay!

I went to pick up from the P.O. today finally, not too sure what items were delivered to my apartment last week and no one was around to sign for it.

They came protected in bubble-wrap and with another protective plastic cap on-top. All the plates are sitting in a fake-velvet casing. They look like a set of miniature Corning Ware XD.

The dinner set without the protective plastic cap.

I took out some of the plates for a close-up shot. My overhead lamp is kind of bright and it's taken at night so the quality might just look a little different.

Here's one of the round flower plates with some miniature cookies on it for scale. (My palm does look awfully wrinkled. :()

Anyway, I'm postively glad none of the items were broken after their long trip here!


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