Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February's Work in Progress

This month, I am still working on a large array of French-style sweets and pastries. The amount of work put in to these tiny things is so immense. Apart from just working clay alone, it hit me that miniature making is not just about clay. I guess I was a tad too naive and did not realize that this hobby would carve a huge hole in the melon for me. Here's a brief scan of what I have so far :

Anyway, I did chocolate-stripped strawberries in dark and white chocolate and after finishing with it, I realized that the bag I used for piping had too big a hole and so it made huge flat stripes instead of the frilly thin ones I would had liked.

Looks more like zebra-berry, than something romantic. *sigh*

The choux cream puffs are also part of the selection of simple French sweets in my list to do for this month. Soon to be assembled and dusted with sugar and chocolate.


Snowfern said...

; ; part of learning is..making unexpected new items *haha

but really they don't look bad at all! and your choux puffs ; ; =3= sooo prettyyy~! next time we go out jalan jalan must go find a beard papa.....:X

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