Saturday, January 30, 2010

After Soy'B

Over the Moon shop-front. Could only take this pic and then it was business-time! Ugh! Forgot to bring book-ends and the books kept falling over each other. But I managed to clear off half my cache! And my sister decided we should rename our second-hand books shop as S-books, or Satsugai Books!

Came back from Soy'B and tired! :)

Glad I met up with Snowfern and Asuka! Asuka is soooooooo (new nickname for her only Snowfern and myself know, hahaha)

Finally there's time to concentrate on the loads of sweets bases I have been making for the Etsy shop opening -- as well as a set of foods for my newly adopted children! (Chun's babies) as well as Lian's Nuah Korkor!

Sachi-san, if you are reading this blog again, I will reply your email soon. I have been very busy! :(
Sachi-san, 最近とても忙しいです。私はすぐにメールの返信されます! >.<


Snowfern said...

ahhahah HUAT ARR!!~! :P

wor wor wor~ new shop opening liow so eggciting!


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