Saturday, January 23, 2010

Strawberries and Cream

I usually spend the early part of the day or the later part of the night making creams and frosting in little sauce boxes used by sushi stores for their soy sauce. The colors for all the creams are mixed by hand and mostly, again eye-balled with a reference pic somewhere. It gets hard sometimes when the color you want isn't there!

So anyway.

Here's the row of pink and red frosting done for the Valentine's Day project.

(You can also see how tight my workspace is, I really need to buy that trolley we were discussing this morning too! (Asuka has one *jealous*) Colors are based from Folkart Acrylics, just about the cheapest bottles of A-paints I can find here and with the largest range.

Recently there has been a strawberry craze by someone, and I ended up putting together some last night too. You can see a peep of them in the same photograph on top.

The strawberry family. Once I varnish these and seal, they get a nice little dip. I'll take more photographs of that later!

Weekend. Time to head out for some retail therapy and run errands. :)


Asuka Sakumo said...

LoL ^^;

I love all your strawberry! The colour gradations looks so real!

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