Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Packing the Goods

Today was a long day at work. But I managed to get a bit of time to fix the magnet strips to the rest of the tartlet bases. The flexible magnet strip can be found at Daiso Singapore for $2 a piece. And the beauty of it is it has grid lines for you to follow so you will not cut out of line or shape. These are around the size of a SG50c coin.

I'm not sure how much the people are going to sell it for. Since everything's donated, I'll just not think about it! The bottom is painted and varnished balsa-wood, the kind that is used to make model airplanes. It is light enough with air-dry clay so a magnet strip works well. A bulky round magnet behind would just make the whole piece look rough :(

Bagged and packed! :)

I tossed my crappy tea-cups and my equally crappish macaroons onto the plates and fixed them to the balsa-serving boards to be made into magnets. I have no idea if these will sell but since there's only four of them, at least the disappointment won't be so terrible!

Packed and bagged too! Just no picture for now. So the bazaar items have been cleared. *whoosh* Now to start looking at the list of things to do for Valentine's Day. :)


puppy52doll said...

I wonder if these will be good for dollfies! heehee

nyann said...

lol ! I am still a novice but can try to make 1:6 scale items for dollfies. You can have my *failed experiments* for free! XD

Snowfern said...

tee hee! they look good la here's to good sales HUAT ARR!!!!!

アナベル said...

You made the tarts from the japanese sweets deco book right! :D i made some too! :D

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