Friday, January 15, 2010

Props, Boxes and Tin-Cans

As I continue along my clay crafting journey, I became, in fact, very interested in the peripherals that make clay food art "come to live", or so-called the props to be used - ceramics, baskets, cups, plates, cutlery, serving trays -- Oh you name it and it's all out there.
It led me to scouring out a few deputy purchasers to help me get some of these goods since I have been munching my way through a lot of Japanese sites on Rakuten, Japan Auctions and non-affliated places within Japan itself and Hong Kong. (The latter site inflated its prices very badly and tries to explain why its prices are so high because every other site's products are 'pirated' -- Made me laugh!)

I wouldn't be surprised if I end up being a props supplier rather than a clay food artist. ^0^ Psst, I better not be.

Happy Note of the Day

Emailed Sachi-san today. Oh she replied! Said she was extremely happy to get an 'overseas email' and it was her first time getting it. She used some interesting techniques in her food artistry which I am rather keen to understand how she did it.

Anyway, Sachi-san's website : and her blog

Weekend. Finally! Time to finish up the goods I promised for a charity bazaar.


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