Monday, January 4, 2010

Pastry Magnets - Delicious?

 I thought assembling the cookies without a reference would be a cinch since I watch that many cooking programmes. But it came to really getting down at it, I was at a loss of imagination! And well they didn't turn out too badly, I suppose.

I topped the cookie base with Grace Resin Cream Clay. Managed to stuff a bit into a pastry bag and used a plastic nozzle to pipe it all around the base. I couldn't take pictures of the process since my hands were so sticky with the cream clay. It sticks so terribly; think of it as very melted marshmallow that will not set! I wasn't sure about whether it was the temperature and humidity of that day, the cream clay was so sticky that I could not form proper cream blobs. So I gave up and just whirled in the cream onto every cookie base using an orange stick.

(Makes mental note to try in an air-conditioned room next time. *sigh*)

Raspberries, chopped nuts and strawberries went on the cream-topped cookie bases and after they dried, I dribbled each with some window-glass paint, that dried up to form caramel and chocolate drizzles.

Once that's dried, I varnished it - and slapped some round stick-on magnets to their backs.


Now they are on the metal cupboard at my workplace, looking pretty and holding up documents! ^^

NB : Plaid's Gallery Glass window color in Amber makes very rich caramel drizzles. You need to let it dry for a day and you'll be rewarded with this gleaming toffee caramel glaze.


nyann said...

I gave away 2 pastry magnets to colleagues! They like it! - Yum.

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

I enjoy reading your blog :) The pastry magnets look really good!!

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