Monday, January 4, 2010

Attempting Cookies 101

I was browsing through another new Japanese food-claycraft site and totally racked my brains trying to think how these people managed to make cookies in a soft baked vanilla like color.

I had a lump of left-over Grace clay and decided to cut some mini-cookies from them.

Ran a old toothbrush over the top of these cookies for cookie texture. And after they dried, I dabbed them with a wash of orange acrylic; tangerine to be exact. Once that dried, it was decorating and varnishing.

Still trying to figure what to do with them since they are just test pieces, but it turned out pretty well, I say!

I dug out some clear acrylic squares and tried to see if I can get a shot of these cookies in some sort of better arrangement. :) Got these squares from a scrapbooking store. It was like $26 SGD for a pack of maybe 30 different sizes of squares and rectangles.


Snowfern said...

AHH!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! it has the style and info that i adore!

are you in SG now?? i'm 'collecting' fellow miniature enthusiasts and would LOVE to get to know you better! we can exchange tips and tricks and places to go but from what i've read, you probably know all the places XD

so lucky you managed to get your stuff from Japan ; ; I ENVY!!!

nyann said...

Hi! Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting. Yes I am in SG now. The Tokyu Hands I went to in Japan wasn't really stocked with materials. Wish I can go back again to another outlet and check it out. :))

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