Saturday, January 2, 2010

Berries and Almonds

Worked with Grace Clay for the first time. It has a lovely, pale-white translucent color and very easy on the hands to mold until -- you add acrylic colors to it; then it turns mushy and almost to the texture of melted marshmallow. Terrible to mix but if you continue at it, you will be rewarded with wonderful results. Then you have to work quickly as Grace Clay tends towards fast loss of moisture and end up having a texture of drying paper clay. Made a couple of raspberries and almonds using Grace; as well as strawberry leaves and slices.

I managed to finish up all the rest of the Hearty Soft clay, the last bit of tea-brown was used to make tiny eclairs. I used a mold from a used "Panadol" pack to press out the eclairs and texture it.

Next to figure out how to arrange all the fruits and nuts onto the cookies. I will probably be making a few chocolate slices too.


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