Friday, January 8, 2010

Graham Cookie Crust with Padico's Wood Formo

A french tart / graham cookie dough-like clay can usually be achieved by adding ground bits of dark brown spices, e.g. ground cloves, allspice or black pepper to a pre-colored clay. But with that comes the pungent spice-y scents too, that does not, sadly exist in real cookies and tart crusts!

You can get around that by using Wood Formo; a kind of air dry clay product by Padico. Wood Formo is usually used for model-crafting and sculpting. It is very very moist, so moist that it produces water vapor within the package when the weather gets a bit warmer. :\

Mix around 1/5 of Wood Formo with 2/5 of Grace Clay and 2/5 of Hearty Soft, white-base. If you want a darker brown clay, omit the hearty soft, and use 1/3 Wood Formo and 2/3 Grace. Wood Formo by itself dries up to look like, well, you guess it! So you wouldn't want a woody looking cookie or tart base.

Wood Formo + Grace Clay                                               

Wood Formo + Grace Clay + Hearty-Soft

It is still very sticky to work with, and most likely you will end up getting strands of rebellious clay all over your fingers. Once you get the consistency and color you want, "ball" the clay into your palm and use your palms to fold and round it up. Avoid touching your clay-ed fingers to it and after which just wash and scrub all the residue on your fingers. It's best to allow the lump to stand outside for a while to let the moisture dry off so its workable - but not too long!

 A range of cookies made from the mixed Wood Formo clay. Let dry for a day or overnight on plastic sheets. Make sure you flip the cookies to let the bottom dry as well. Moisture tends to collect a lot at the bottom of these. I will probably have a post on coloring these once they have dried. :)


asuka sakumo said...

Hi, I just found your blog from Snowfern's link. :)
Thank you so much for the info on air dry clay! I only ever work with Grace/Hearty before.

See you at SoyB Ngee Ann Polytechnic! I am also going to be there! (And drag Snowfern to accompany me ^^)

nyann said...

Hi Asuka :)

You're welcome! And see you at Soy'B too. :D

Snowfern told me about it!

Snowfern said...

haha you now have 2 cyberstalkers *MWA HA HA*

just added a perm link to your blog, i used the wood clay i purchased from Daiso for much of my recent experiments too since they aren't as 'fuwa fuwa' as hearty, but i realised also, once it's fully dry it's not as dastardly to cut as i'd thought it would be!

and thank you again for your generous tips and tricks ^ ^


nyann said...

Hah let's stalk each other!

I should go try the wood clay from Daiso too! Thanks for the tip. Haha - we made each other spend money. T_T

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