Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Getting Things Right

Thoughtful Steps to getting started in miniature-making, or well any hobby for that concern.

1. Check out your local scene, know who your fellow hobbyists are. These people will be a source of help if you ever run out of... well solutions. Google for them, forum-search for them - most likely you would find them.

2. Check out the global scene while you can, getting exposed to all sorts of styles will boost your creativity levels.

3. Collect reference material and tutorial sites or books. Books are a must for me - but be careful about what you purchase, you do not want repeat tutorials of anything. Buy a variety - check out - they ship to Singapore! Or Barnes and Nobles.

4. Think about what you want to focus on - be it miniature pastry, furniture or savories. Work on small goals to complete a set of recipes or learn certain skills.

5. Know where to purchase tools and resources, whether online or locally. Budget well. Such hobbies can be expensive! Work around with what you may have at home, some items may end up to be tools or additions you might not have thought of in the first place.

6. Set up a resource site to gather your links, photographs and reference materials, be it a Facebook personal group page, a Delicious account; an online set of resources will help you much greatly!


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