Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The First Step to Doing Anything... to prepare loads.

Going into a new hobby takes time and thought. Two months was what I needed to decide to do away with all the old anime and manga collections, to decide fanart drawing wasn't really for me, though the years with W.S. were a grand experience, and to venture into what I really, truly loved best.

Going into miniature-making and miniature collection is a big investment, in terms of time, effort taken to learn, and expenditure. I pored over websites from all around the world, lurked around the local scene to learn of the people who share this common interest and took note of the tools I would need for my work.

Perhaps I was also inspired by the film, Julie and Julia, and the motivation to actually do something with an interest and see it bloom. Hopefully I can too maintain this as much as a stretch of five years at best. It is great that I have a fellow friend who share in this craziness of collecting Re-Ment and like products with me so you don't feel so much alone.

So a toast to a new hobby, a new start and burning pockets!


Mini Mo said...

I have just randomly found your blog through Etsy and I think it's amazing. I started crafting with clay about year ago but got seriously into deco sweets about six months ago. And I love it although it's hard for me to create new things and not to copy others peoples ideas. I was lacking new ideas recnetly and now I found your blog and it gave me fresh motivation to try new things :) Thank you for that and be sure you've just gained a new follower :)

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