Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Craft Purchases in Tokyo

Japanese clay craft books are wonderful in the sense that they provide visuals of the tools and products you need for your work. Armed with this, I ran the floors of Tokyu Hands in Shibuya to find the basic materials needed to kick-start claycrafting.

A new set of plastic tools, molds, plastic press and roller. I realized I may need a pasta roller in the near future and a dedicated oven but for now since I am using air-dry clay, the oven is not needed.

Other tools I would need would probably be a few tweezers and tongs, water-based glue, Tamiya paints, glasscraft and acrylic paints, and as well a set of non-oil pastel sticks. Throw in some tiny brushes as well, sponges and eyeshadow sticks, Q-tips and a proper craft-box for them all. (Daiso is a good place to grab all these.)

Bought the first load of air-dry clay as well. I went for the Hearty-Soft brand since it is something that you cannot find in Singapore, whereas Modena and Grace brands, as well as Fimo are readily available.

Found the transparent clay in Volks Showroom in Akihabara. It was expensive! 1480Y or around more than SG$20 for a very small slab. I also managed to get a bottle of Paste Clay and a tube of Grace cream clay.

Despite the great amount of references and tutorials you can find online, I still like a book or two with step by step photographs of how certain looks and effects are achieved. The English craftbooks were purchased off Amazon and the Japanese ones were bought from Kinokuniya and Tokyu Hands.


nyann said...

Note to self! Hearty-Soft is /readily/ available in Singapore! :D The Craft-It shop in Liang Court sells tons of Hearty-Soft.

アナベル said...

im sure all these costs [preetee ex. o_O

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