Saturday, April 6, 2013

Apricot Tarts and Mango Blueberry Pastry

In my excitement and rush to get all these packed up, I honestly forgot to take all the process making pictures of these items for a doll event in Malaysia. Since I hold a full-time job, crafting is very much limited to the rare (and free) weekend I have and some of the evenings and nights. I hate working at night under the glare of the lamp - maybe its time to switch to a better lamp. :(

One of the items made for the event are these apricot tarts and mango-blueberry pastry.


Kind of standard fare! First, the prototypes are made using Tamiya Epoxy Putty. I used some small plastic slides to mold the putty on it and shape into two 1:6 scale pastry cases - a round case and a square case.
You can purchase Tamiya Epoxy Putty (Quick Type) at any local Tamiya goods store or get it online at the Hobby Search shop at . This was the same method I learnt from Tanaka Tomo's book (better known as Nunu's House) which he also used the same product to mold prototypes for 1:12 items. The epoxy dries after 3-4 hours - so you have some time to cut and sculpt your prototype. Use a plastic slide to mold your epoxy on as its extremely sticky on skin and hard to mold between fingers. Use a metal pick and penknife to pick and pull the putty and roughen up the top and sides.

Mold a ball of mixed silicone putty over the dried prototype. After around 10 minutes, the silicone putty (in pale blue) should be hardened. You can pop them off the prototype easily - if you are worried that your silicone putty may stick to your prototype,  put baby oil or mold release oil over the prototype before molding the silicone over it. Make sure you have enough silicone putty to cover - sometimes too thin a layer might tear it.

I used Resix clay mixed with ochre clay for the pastry cases. You can see them in the front of the photograph below after they are colored with pressed pastels from the Tamiya Baking Master set. Since I was in a rush to complete it - I didn't take many process pictures. Here's the finished product! Each pastry measures 1cm by 1cm, and suitable as a pastry or tart for a YoSD / 1:6 ball-jointed doll or a mini-tart for larger dolls.

Apart from tarts, the packages sent along with my friend to Malaysia included tiny cakes and doughnuts and the view of my messy workspace while packing away :\

In addition, I folded up Pocky boxes and Kit-Kat in different sizes. And my MSD Juri looks happy with them (too bad, girl - these are gifts for another friend!). 

The end for now! Juri says have a great weekend ahead. :)


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