Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Misu Donuts and Strawberry Blonde Hair

Completed the Misu Donuts (fun parody of Mister Donut) project with just a box to fold and some more paper bags to go. These are roughly 1:4 size donuts but I seemed to have gotten the scale of the folded bags wrong -- but anyway, that can be easily corrected.

Here's some more on the tray with a penny for scale.

Julia dons strawberry blonde wavelets today and appears to be waiting for someone to share her Misu Donuts with!


Snowfern said...

ahhhhhhhhhh so nais~~~~~~ XD yea she does look kinda lonesome :(

i'll take a bite!

synnøve said...

She looks so lovely and the donuts looks great!!!
Synnøve :)

nyann said...

Snowfern > haha - yeah, somehow that angle of the camera caught her looking lonesome! Dolls are very strange. :3

Synnøve > Thanks for the compliments. Glad you liked the donuts too! :)

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