Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photo in a Studio

It so happens that I take a lot of shots at night of works in progress and relying on just my overhead lamp gives every photo I take a horrible edge-y glare. So I purchased a photo in a studio set using some of the birthday money hubby sent over -- well paid for a bit of it, so that I can dump a bit of investment into macro-photography. Costs around $100+ SGD with shipping thrown in.

I set it on top of the large cabinet perpendicular to the study wall. The lamps get very hot every time I did at least a 10 minutes plus shot - and I nearly fried a finger because I touched the casing near the bulb. I am stll kind of newbish at setting up the lighting and whatnot, but the nub shot I took of some of my miniatures tonight turned out alright :

Very-large madeleines, 2cm in length and a bowl of small strawberries.


Snowfern said...

wahh nice ^ ^ gx gx on the hoot!

nyann said...

haha - Thanks!

If I had more birthday money I will buy a bigger one, then again - oh well. It works too!

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