Friday, February 19, 2010

Miniature Pastry Boxes

I was debating quite hard on the packaging material for my completed French sweets and was not too happy with just plain cellophane wrapping. I wanted pastry boxes in miniature so I could stuff them all with these sweets, and most importantly, it will look good!

It took me literally a week or so to source out all the bases of the boxes I wanted to make and have them saved up. I found a ton of really nice templates from Mirkwood Designs (a very popular and well-known site, I was told) and Mel Stampz (another wonderful website for papercraft projects with loads of ideas and templates).

I sourced out photoshop brushes if you are using Adobe Photoshop like I do to design the boxes -- you can find tons of these just by googling for photoshop brushes.

These sheets are printed on 190gm2 matte photopaper and 170gm2 glossy photopaper. I use a Canon Pixma MP550 series photo-printer. Likewisely, you can also bring these to a print-shop or Kinkos if you do not own a photo-printer at home.

I used a variety of pens and scissors to cut out the box itself . Since it is that small, cuticle scissors does the trick around the corners and a very sharp, small-nibbed craft knife is recommended for this. A pair of clean pinchers does the trick of pulling away stray bits of paper too small for your fingers to nip.

I scored the box's folding guide-lines using my craft-knife. The craft-pen (in blue) has a pretty good side for scoring, and it is smooth plastic too.

All scored and ready to be glued and folded.

Use tacky glue above everything else since your usual glue-stick or runny glue is not going to work here - the project will fall apart if you used the former, and the latter will just wetten all the printing (which, beware, is not waterproof)

And all glued up. Hold onto it for a few moments to let the glue semi-dry.

And it's ready to hold some of the sweets! Not exactly the best photo since I didn't get this set up in my mini photo-studio but you get the idea.

Time to fold more boxes! :)


Snowfern said...

ish shoooo kyuuuto~!!!

> < i jealous. HRUMPHH

Oiseau deNim said...

So cool!!!(so great too) ^_^

puppy52doll said...

gosh you so patient ^^;

Oiseau deNim said...

I have one question: is 190gm or 170gm photopaper too heavy (hard)? The colors of photopaper present well! Good job~~~

Anonymous said...

Snowfern : you design, I print! XD How about that?

puppy52 : haha first box took me like 40 minutes to fold, the next box took like 20 minutes. ^^

Oiseau : Thanks! 170gm2 is the one I have folded in the above post. I have not folded the 190gm2 yet. 170gm2 is not too heavy. The other paper I did not buy is the 120gm2 paper -- which seem too thin to have a 'solid' look when folded.

Oiseau deNim said...

There's an award waiting for you over on my blog, Nyann. Have a nice day!

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