Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day Works in Progress

Opened up a small pack of white Hearty Soft that I purchased in Tokyu Hands on Christmas Eve. The last time I've worked with clay was ten years ago, when I was making doll figurines using La Doll. Air-dry clay feels strange to handle for the first time, almost a little out-of-control feel since it is so light and mushy. After a while of conditioning it and getting used to the texture, it became fine to handle.

Hearty Soft took well to acrylic paints, I used Daler-Rowney for now since they had a new savers pack of 12 colors for $8.99. You can get it at Art Friends, Singapore. But since H.S. is a white-based clay, the colors that were mixed in becomes pastel-macaroon light, so you have to darken it with additional paints and pastels. I would try mixing in Folkart Acrylic paints and see how the color goes next time.

I managed to turn out a couple of doughnuts and some tarts. Decided to also make some blueberries, leaves, white and dark chocolate flowers as well as vanilla and caramel buttons to go along with the pastries.

Not too bad for a starter attempt at air-dry clay, I guess.


Snowfern said...

not too bad?!? it's EXCELLENT!

nyann said...

Thanks XD

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